Houseplant Master Resource Guide

This guide was assembled by Let’s Grow Plant Club of Lexington, KY. All information is the intellectual property of its owner. This guide is strictly for educational purposes. You will find some links that promote products or services. Let’s Grow is not associated with any of these companies nor do we give any endorsement of sales by linking to them in this educational guide.

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General care and interest

University of Vermont extension: steps to success

Missouri Botanical Gardens

BBC Houseplant basic techniques

The Farmer’s Almanac

Gardenista house plants care guide

Improvenet pet safe plants

Cleaning indoor air

WikiHow care for indoor plants

Planterina: 18 Houseplant myths solved on YouTube

A-Z thematic houseplant resources

Air plants

Gardenista on air plants

Royal Horticultural Society: air plants on YouTube

WikiHow: Caring for air plants

Garden Answer: Air plants on YouTube

Artificial Light

Exotic Tropical Houseplants: Best artificial light on YouTube

WikiHow: Growing plants with grow lights

University of Vermont extension: indoor lighting


House Plants Expert: humidity guide

Hunker: what is a good humidity level in your house?

Plants and Lucia: 6 tips for creating humidity on YouTube


Gardening know how pruning guide

WikiHow: How to overwinter indoor plants

Garden Up: How to properly clean indoor plants on YouTube

Garden Guides: How to maintain indoor plants


WikiHow: Feeding plants

Fertilizing plants complete guide by Summer Rayne Oakes on YouTube

WikiHow: Reviving an over-fertilized plant

Our House Plants: Feeding


Gardenista on orchids

The Spruce: Basic indoor orchid care

Top 10 most popular orchids

Brad’s Greenhouse & Gardening: Phalaenopsis orchid care on YouTube

Searching common plants

Houseplant 411

Flowering house plants

Common house plants

Good office plants

House plants Encyclopedia A-Z

USDA PLANTS database

Plant ID resources

How to shop for plants by Summer Rayne Oakes on YouTube

Crazy Plant Guy: Easy houseplants for beginners on YouTube


This is a Plant: How to re-pot on YouTube

This is a Plant: Choosing your potting soil on YouTube

Potting soil or media

Growing medium, compose, and soil


Mountain Crest Gardens: Succulent care

The Sill on succulents

Meadowview succulent care sheet


The Spruce: Understanding natural light

The Spruce: Determining natural light

Plantopedia: Best plants for low light

Garden Up: Best low light indoor plants on YouTube

Garden Up: How much sun a plant needs on YouTube


SerpaDesign: Collecting & identifying moss on YouTube

Plant one on me: Crafting a terrarium on YouTube

University of Vermont extension on terrariums

Garden Up: How to make a terrarium for free on YouTube


Gardening know how: when your plant is dropping leaves

Guttation in plants (water dropping from leaves)

Fixing common houseplant problems

Houseplant pests and diseases

Getting rid of mold on houseplants

Plant one on me: Common Houseplant Problems on YouTube


Floragrubb’s watering resource

Colorado State University on watering plants

Houselogic: How to water plants while you’re away

Crazy Plant Guy: When and how much water on YouTube

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