Great Reads Pt. I of 2019

These are a few of the notable books I spent this Spring and Summer reading that I encourage you to check out. I have provided the title, author, year of first publication, a brief introduction, and some detail on why I enjoyed the book. They are listed by title in alphabetical order.

Eileen Gray. François Baudot (1998). This book is part biography and part exhibition of this artist’s work. Eileen Gray was born in Ireland in 1878 and came to spend her time in Paris and New York. Her expertise was lacquered furniture and her pieces were far ahead of their time. This book includes 52 illustrations.

Eileen Gray side table, couch, and screen. Photo sourced from LZF Lamps Blog.

New Spaces, Old World Charm The Art of Elegant Interiors. Ann Sample (2004). This is another book on design. With 250 full color photos you can look through this as a picture book but there are a great many homes featured that inspired me so much I had to know how they came to be.

Designer Carl D’Aquino. Image by Architectural Digest.

Flora: Inside the Secret World of Plants. Kathy Willis for The Smithsonian (2018). An astonishingly detailed study of plant botany with vivid photos and illustrations. This book will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about how plants work. It held me reading and scribbling notes for countless hours because I had to share what I found.

Image by Summerfield Books.

How to Make a Plant Love You, Cultivate Green Space in Your Home and Heart. Summer Rayne Oakes (2019). This book came out in April this year and I was thrilled to get my hands on it in August. This is not one of those guides that proposes to list the watering schedule and “secrets” of dozens of house plant varieties. Summer invites you to take a far more holistic approach to plant care. She shows you how to reconnect with nature and bring it into your life. How to appreciate, nourish, and cultivate your senses to the needs of life around you.

A detail of the Cook Forest in Pennsylvania, the state where Summer grew up.

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