Indoor plant inspiration for 2019

A light background, dark furniture, and pops of color to accessorize is a solid formula for styling any space, large or small. Throw in a couple of plants and you’ve got a cozy retreat. In this article I’ve brought together some looks and ideas that have given me inspiration this year.

This gallery set is provided by Mike Marquez:

Plants don’t have to be the focus of a room but they really do bring a lot of personality and life. Geometric planters and hanging planters are super popular right now. They can also be repurposed or refashioned if you grow tired of them.

IKEA small space big adventures

What I love about this room is that is looks curated but lived-in. It has bright lighting, a cozy feel, and personal touches like the chair and the art. It’s clean and organized but not necessarily a museum-worthy dwelling. The plants are spaced across the room and they are varying shapes, sizes, and species. All these elements come together in an attractive space where I can imagine myself reading a book, taking a nap, or typing on the computer.

IKEA Home visit: five ways to benefit from house plants

Also nice of course are plants that are shown together. This lot creates a natural barrier in the room and draws the eye to this spot. It’s generally good to huddle plants together as they can help one another keep a small bubble of humidity.

photo by Liana Mikah

Not everybody has a bunch of plants. I have six right now divided between my living room, office, and outside balcony. One plant can make a lovely addition to a shelf.

photo by Stephanie Harvey

I also find it very pleasing to house plants in uncommon pots. Here, a sugar cup from a tea set makes an unexpected home to a succulent. It is best to make sure that plants can drain properly, so try to make holes in the bottom of their containers. Small rocks or sand can also be used in the bottom of containers to help keep root rot at bay.

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