Thrifting Lexington, KY

This article is about my recommendations on new-to-you shopping in the horse capital and surrounding metro area. This is an opinion piece and I make no personal profit from it.

My personal go-to: Goodwill

Yes, of course Goodwill would be on the list. But have you been to any others in town besides the one closest to you? It’s probably worth the trip. Here are my favorite Goodwills in Lexington:

  • Goodwill off Maple Leaf Drive. This one has higher prices than several other locations I’ve noticed but it’s worth it. They generally have better quality furniture, goods, and clothing. I’ve found great art here. Example below.
Cute find for $15 at Goodwill. 36 by 36 and like new. Crooked because hanging canvas is hard.
  • Goodwill on Leestown Rd. This is my favorite one for furniture. Scored this full dining set (minus the glass top) for $89 here. The staff is super friendly too.
Yup, the sunflower art used to hang over it.
  • Goodwill at Brannon Crossing. This one is most people’s favorite and for good reason. Huge selection, good prices, and the location is convenient for Jessamine County folks. I don’t have a picture but I’ve found a lot here over the years. Usually the best Goodwill for purses and accessories.

For premium finds

  • Room Service. They say they’re the oldest consignment shop in town for home furnishings. Their collection is impressive. I haven’t bought anything from here yet but it’s absolutely worth a look.
  • The Great Room on Southland. They strike the perfect balance between new and second-hand items. Beautiful couches, solid pieces, and fine art. Plus there’s restaurants nearby to grab a bite to eat after you shop.

Niche and one of a kind places

  • Scout. This place is ultra-retro and modern meets throw-back in one. Last time I visited they had plenty of conversation pieces. Scout is a must for serious collectors with a taste for the weird (in a good way).
  • Peddler’s Mall on New Circle. For genuine (still dusty) antiques this a great stop. That isn’t to say they don’t have brand new stuff too. I can spend hours in a haze walking from booth to booth. I can’t describe them very well because there is seriously anything you could imagine at the Peddler’s Mall. Signed baseball cards, humidifiers, cherry wood entertainment centers, 50’s dresses, you name it, they have it.
  • Street Scene next to Coffee Times. I adore this shop. They specialise in home goods and fashion from the 50s, 60s, and 70s mostly and they are fabulous. Funky cat-eye glasses, vintage whiskey decanters, and art deco earrings are a few things I’ve wanted from here.
  • Pop’s Resale. For vinyl record lovers, old school gaming, and vintage clothes. I believe they still have bands play in-house occasionally.

Home Improvement

  • Habitat Restore. Furniture on the left side of the store is fancier than the right side. If you must have a couch tonight get it here. If you’re renovating your home on a budget consider their kitchen cabinets, tables, doors, etc. Between the Restore and Lowe’s you could build a house ground up. There are smaller items as well. I recently bought a couple of hanging planters, 99 cents a piece. You can’t beat that.

Online mentions

  • Craigslist Lexington. Found my couch here as well as some IKEA dressers. I love Craigslist. Check often, use the search bar, and filter by owner if you don’t want annoying ads.
  • Offer Up. Type in your zip code to see what’s available here in town. They also offer shipping on some items so you might be able to branch out a bit.
  • Let Go. Honestly I haven’t figured out the difference between Let Go and Offer Up. You’ll find many people will cross-post their items hoping to reach a bigger audience. It’s an extra place I will check when I’m searching for a particular item.

That’s about it. Get out there and thrift!

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